About Smiths Bakers & Confectioner

Smiths Bakers & Confectioners are High class Bakers of distinction in Castleton and Heywood both in the borough of Rochdale
Smiths was founded in 1928 by Bessie and Fred Smith ( brother and sister ), the business has remained in the family ever since and is now run by the 3rd generation brothers Stephen and Christopher Thomas ( Grandsons of Bessie Smith ).
As bakers we have a passion to deliver excellent traditional freshly baked goods and are always striving to improve our great service to you our valued customers.

Looking for somthing fresh and different?

We have started baking CORNBREAD which is very tasty both with soup , stews or as a sandwich, SPELT BREAD which is low in gluten
and SUNFLOWER and RYE, which  is reputed to be good for diabetics as it reduces insulin spikes ( research informs us ), so why not
phone through and order your fresh "NEW" loaves and treat yourself.