Services provided by Smiths Bakers & Confectioners

At Smiths the taste is delicious. 

Everything we produce is made on site in our own bakery in Rochdale with ingredients sourced as local as possible using independents like ourselves. 

Fancy somthing sweet?

Try our Carrot cake, cup cakes, jam slice , cream eclairs, Doughnuts and Strawberry tarts ( when in season ) 

Savoury your bag?

Delicious homemade pies, beef or pork, sausage rolls, cheese and onion and meat and potato, warm or cold these are sure to delight.

Freshly prepared sandwiches?

Cold sandwiches made on either white or brown bread buns, baguettes or cornbread. traditionally roasted meats, Ham
Beef, Chicken or Turkey, alongside cheese and Tuna to name a few.

Tea, Coffee, Chocolate or Soup?

Our hot and cold beverages are a great way to compliment your lunch or snack, soup served daily throughout winter
months, so why not come along and enjoy a tasty lunch.


Organizing an event, Birthday, Christening , sales meeting? what ever the event you are planning contact us for a menu and see if we can help
provide you with tasty treats to suit your function.